Providing transportation services & 18 wheeler truck maintenance to the north east, New Hampshire, Quebec & Brunswick, since 1958. 

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  • Liquified Petroleum Gas Trailers: 15,200 gallon capacity.
    Asphalt Tank Trailers: 8,500 to 9,000 gallon capacity.
    Dry Bulk Trailers: 1240 to 1500 cubic inch capacity.
    Chemical Tank Trailers: Insulated w/various capacities.
    Bleach Trailers: 7,000 gallon capacity.
    Light Oil Tank Trailers: 12,000 gallon w/ 5 comp. (mixed loads)
    Flowboy Trailers: Road salt & aggregates hauling.
    Wood Pellets: triaxle 2200 cu. ft.
    Oil Tank Trailers: 10,000 gallon capacity.