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We have maintenance and shop services available to keep your fleet running clean and safe. Available 7 days a week!

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HO Bouchard: Trucking, Fleet Repair & Maintenance throughout Maine & New Hampshire

 Providing transportation services & 18 wheeler truck maintenance to the north east, New Hampshire, Quebec & Brunswick, since 1958. Call, click or visit today.

H.O. Bouchard Inc. has been specializing in transportation & maintenance services since 1958 and continuously offers excellence to their customers and the community.

H.O. Bouchard Inc. has been an innovator in the Northeast trucking industry ever since Harold Bouchard began hauling gravel with a single Dodge truck back in 1958.

Fueled by Harold’s vision, the company helped revolutionize harvesting and transport services for Maine’s forest industry. And today, H.O. Bouchard Inc. operates one of the Northeast’s largest and most diversified tank trailer fleets for heavy transport of energy fuels, industrial raw materials, and other products.

Every member of the H.O. Bouchard team is driven by the same contagious attitude that sparked the company’s growth 55+ years ago:

…if there’s a better, more efficient way to do it, we’ll find it!

And when the job is done, we want our customers satisfied with performance and service that go beyond the ordinary. H.O. Bouchard trucks are rolling every day throughout Maine, Atlantic Canada, and the entire continental United States to deliver products where they need to be, when they need to be there. We provide the safe, reliable, competitively priced service you need to stay ahead.

Every member of the H.O. Bouchard team is driven by the same contagious attitude that sparked the company’s growth more than 50 years ago. Between our team of managers, professional drivers, maintenance personnel, dispatchers and office support, we are all dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied with our performance and service above and beyond their expectations.

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    At H.O. Bouchard, we care about the State of Maine and do what we can to give back!
    Our History
    H.O. Bouchard is a family-owned company that dates back to 1958.

    New England states, Quebec, and New Brunswick