Safety Program

Safety Program

Safety mission statement:

At H.O. Bouchard, employees are our most valuable asset. We will take every possible step to protect the health and well being of our people through a comprehensive safety program. Employees, supervisors and managers are individually and collectively responsible for making certain we strictly adhere to a commitment of safe work practices. The program will be administered via constant self and supervisory monitoring of workplace acts and conditions with follow-up action as needed, a handbook of required safety procedures, timely training and documented safety goals with an appropriate recognition system."

This Safety Mission Statement sets the tone for the culture of safety that exists at H.O. Bouchard, Inc. All managers are responsible for the safety and compliance of their people. Manager's meetings are held on a weekly basis to discuss, among other things, issues pertaining to safety and compliance. Managers are evaluated on the safety and compliance of their people.

Strong safety incentives are in place for drivers and mechanics. Monthly safety meetings are conducted in the maintenance shop and tailgate safety sessions are conducted with drivers as the need arises. Driver's meetings are held at least twice a year, and attendance is mandatory. The focus is not simply on driving safety, but total safety. Employees are trained to work safely, to load and unload safely. They are expected to use the proper tools, techniques and procedures to eliminate any chance of injuries or accidents while working.

This corporate culture of safety starts at the top. A comprehensive handbook of safety and procedures was written by H.O. Bouchard employees to provide continuous reinforcement and guidance on policies, procedures and compliance. Nothing is more important than the safe delivery of your products and the safety of our drivers. At H.O. Bouchard, everyone is part of our emphasis on safety: every manager, dispatcher and driver is continually focused on ways to keep our safety performance the best it can be.
Our rigorous Driver Training program is one example of our commitment to safety. Drivers must first watch our training videos and go through a introductory course with our Safety Manager to touch on Haz-Mat training, PPE requirements, and general safety guidelines our company has in place. Once drivers complete our initial training course, they spend two weeks working one-on-one with our full time Driver Trainer. And once they have completed the training period, drivers are regularly re-evaluated on safety and performance. Our Driver Training program also includes current hazardous materials training to federal DOT regulations, as well as a host of other important safety areas.

We at H.O. Bouchard are one of the few companies who employ full time driver trainers to ensure that our drivers have the necessary tools and training they need to provide our customer with the best service possible. Along with our safety program is our profit sharing plans where employees benefit directly from better safety performance and lower workers compensation premiums. At H.O. Bouchard these are just two of the many ways we make safety an ongoing part of our job - so that you can rely on us for safe, on-time delivery every-time.