Fleet Maintenance

Providing transportation services & 18 wheeler truck maintenance to the north east, New Hampshire, Quebec & Brunswick, since 1958.

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Service Management Approach

Our mission statement is one we adhere to on a daily basis, to provide transportation and maintenance services to our customers by doing things right. Our goal is to be competitive, profitable, admired, and be the safest trucking company in the Northeast. H.O. Bouchard will provide our employees with the necessary tools to allow our employees to perform our duties for our customers the best we can. This includes advanced and up-to-date equipment, constant training, and leadership through teamwork and respect.

This Safety Mission Statement sets the tone for the culture of safety that exists at H.O. Bouchard Inc. All managers are responsible for the safety and compliance of their people. Managers' meetings are held on a weekly basis to discuss, among other things, issues pertaining to safety and compliance. Managers are evaluated on the safety and compliance of their people.

Strong safety incentives are in place for mechanics. Monthly safety meetings are conducted in the maintenance shop during every quarter and as needed. Employees are trained to work safely, to load and unload safely. They are expected to use the proper tools, techniques and procedures to eliminate and chance of injuries or accidents while working.

Service Team Staffing

Our maintenance leadership team consists of 60 years combined experience. We also have 18 mechanics in our facility that includes a wide variety of experience, some having been with us more than 25 years. This is the experience and leadership that H.O. Bouchard is offering to keep your fleet maintained to the nighest of standards.

Our Promise To Quality

To keep you as a customer, we have to keep our equipment 100% available to meet your needs. That's why we have a dedicated Maintenance division staffed by experience professionals who make sure all our equipment is running smoothly. We even service trucking and logging equipment for other carriers and independent businesses.

From tire specialists to trailer specialists, from engine repair to designing and fabricating custom equipment, our team of maintenance professional work year round to keep our equipment operating at its best and to meet our customers' individual maintenance needs.

Not only are the employees a valuable asset to H.O. Bouchard, so is the equipment they drive and maintain. That is why maintenance is one of our largest concerns.

R.H. Foster Energy LLC has used HO Bouchard maintenance facility to maintain our tanker fleet for many years. We rely on them to keep our tankers in permium condition at all times. HO Bouchard understands the need to have equipment ready and available to us when we need it. The quality of ther worksmanship, the staff's attention to detail, and the constant communication regarding equipment readiness are qualities that we at R.H. Foster Energy LLC value immensely. We appreciate their dedication to our business.

Tom Guerrette

R.H. Foster LLC

HO Bouchard's service department has always give Sargent Corporation reliable and timely service. They are always ready to accommodate us when we need them to make repairs on a truck, trailer, or piece of heavy equipment. Their staff understands the need for every piece of equipment or truck to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Tim Richards

Sargent Corporation

Qualifications at the Coldbrook Road facility include:

General maintenance
Steel Fabrication
Certified PPG painting booth
Hydraulic repair Tire service
EPA Method 27 tank tests
Engine rebuild State & Federal inspections
Transmission and rear end rebuild
Suspension rebuilds
Paint and body work
Forestry equipment and construction equipment
Repair of cargo tanks
Calibration for oil & propane units
Complete petroleum/propane tank repairs
Tank to chassis or subframe conversions
Complete petroleum/propane truck repairs
VKIP & DEP inspections